About Us

About Hooke Media & Technology

Hooke Media and Technology began in 1990’s when our founder, Andrew, began building websites during the infamous Web 1.0 . Since then, Hooke Digital has continued to advance the industry by designing world class web portals with enterprise functionality, developing and implementing critical production workflows, building government data systems, and managing DoD infrastructure . We have come a long way but our enthusiasm remains just as strong now as it was then. 

Hooke Media and Technology has worked with numerous clients over the last two decades. We have developed for all major industries to include, real estate, automotive, defense and military, aviation, manufacturing, and eCommerce.

The typical Hooke Digital client ranges from lifestyle blogger to large corporation. There is no project we can’t find a home for in our portfolio of success. 

If you are on the fence about your next project, please, don’t hesitate to call us, even if it is just to gather information. We love discussing solutions with everyone, client or not.


Web Site Managment

Customers make an immediate judgment of your company based on your site. We can ensure it is the right one.

Web Marketing

Need help getting the word out. We can design and implement a web marketing plan to get you extra exposure.

Business Analytics

Want to learn more about your customers? We can help you focus on the people that are actually interacting with your company.

Social Media Marketing

Finding that posting and interacting is a grind? We can help streamline and automate the process for the greatest efficiency.

Search Engine Optimizations

Get found. Most first interactions start with a search engine. We can help get you to the top of the list.

Custom Development

Need something special, we can develop a custom solution for your business systems or public facing web portal.

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