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Hi, I’m Andrew, and I want to share some important insights concerning your company and the internet.

Companies selling direct to customers are more profitable and can offer a better customer service experience. More and more manufacturing companies are loosing online revenue because they do not ‘own’ their own online brand and image.

Hooke Media eCommerce Partnership Program helps companies focus on their core business by giving  them a zero up-front cost solution to eCommerce modernization using the familiar wholesale/dealer model.

This marketing/manufacturing relationship has become standard in the eCommerce space for small to medium sized physical product businesses because it offers access to managed eCommerce technology, SEO, and web marketing as a function of profit fraction, just like the wholesaler/dealer system.

Let me explain how it works.


How it Works

Step 1

Hooke Media builds an eCommerce website for your company with your branding and details. This website is your new website at your URL but managed by Hooke Media.

You no longer have to worry about keeping up a website or paying for online storage fees. We help you produce content for your website or use your existing content. All the obstacles to online marketing and automation are removed.

Your website is SEO optimized so customers searching the internet for products like yours will have an easier time finding you.

Additionally, your new ecommerce site has the ability to manage inventory, product details, photos, customers, and can provide automatic emails and notices to both you and your customer.

Hooke Media works with you to ensure the site represents your company and image.

Step 2

Hooke Media manages your product marketing on both Amazon and eBay by creating quality listings for your products and establishing minimum advertised pricing (MAP). This centralized brand strategy generates brand recognition and product momentum.

Centralized brand strategy prevents other wholesale buyers from out competing your company online and ensures low quality counter-fits or copies of your products never get mistaken for your product.

Additionally, this is free advertising for your website where you can ensure the highest profitability.

Step 3

Fullfill orders!

Everything to include payment processing is now automated. Your customer service workload is reduced by allowing Hooke Media, computers, and the internet to do the work.

Customers can now  leave positive and permanent feedback about the quality of your products on your website and elsewhere helping build your brand even stronger.  

Not only can you make sales during business hours, you can also make sales at night and on the weekends, and you don’t even have to be there.

Sounds expensive, how much?

No more than typical wholesale/dealer rates. We typically work out a sales fraction between 20% – 30% depending on estimated sales volume. This applies to retail sales only. You still keep full revenue from wholesale orders under your traditional dealer plans.

Benefits of Hooke Media LLC eCommerce Partnering:

  • Low cost, typical wholesale rates
  • Increase sales with centralized brand marketing
  • Small business friendliness with professional support
  • 100% USA, no foreign outsourcing, all in done in Farmington, Utah
  • It’s your business, we work for you
  • No more technical worries
  • Fastest way to grow direct to customer sales
  • Relieve your burden, automation tools make your life easier

Companies Reselling with Hooke Media

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